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We distribute all tier one brands from leading global vendors and distributors.

Our Hardware scope comprises of:

  • Server and Storage
  • Networking
  • Notebooks
  • Desktops
  • Printers and Copiers
  • Projectors
  • Surveillance
  • Components and Peripherals
  • Cabling and Adapters 
  • Spares

Our value added services include:

  • Pre-sales advice,
  • Installations across a variety of products.
  • Asset-tagging
  • Imaging
  • Roll-Out Management

    **Please enquire about our rental options

We offer leading value add solutions for all market sectors.

  • Microsoft Operating Systems – Ms Windows 10
  • Productivity Software – Office 365
  • Server Software – Ms Server, Volume Licensing
  • Security Software – Webroot

Security remains the biggest concern for companies of all sizes. At CAO, we support our resellers by providing security solutions that cover a wide range of areas. We work with a number of strategic vendors each selected for their technology, commercial viability and commitment to the channel.

CAO offers print solutions for all business types providing products from:

  • Inkjets
  • Laser
  • PageWide
  • Large Format
  • 3d Printing

Our sales team are experts in print, ensuring that our customers have access to an extensive product portfolio.

As a Konica Minolta Gauteng sub dealer, we can offer you both short-term and long-term rentals unparalleled to the market norm. We also service all makes and models both inbound and on-site. CAO distributes all major printer brand parts.

We stock an extensive selection of quality office stationery for you to choose from, ranging from items for everyday administrative tasks through to stationery for more specialised applications. You can rely on us to provide stationery solutions that meet your needs and gives you the advantage you need.

Our Extensive Range

We supply thousands of products sourced from leading brands from across the world. Some of these brands include; Treeline, Artline, Bantex, Bic, Bostik, Leo, Mondi, 3M, Pentel, Pilot, RBE, Rexel, Smart Copy, Staedtler, Typek, Uni and Rotatrim

Our complete range includes the following:

  • ​Adhesive Notes
  • Binding and Laminating
  • Books and Registers
  • Clips, Pins and
  • Fasteners
  • Envelopes
  • Files
  • Filing and Storage
  • Solutions
  • Office and Scholastic Supplies
  • Paper and Board
  • Punches and Staplers
  • Writing, Drawing, Paint and Correction
  • Pens, Pencils and Highlighters
  • Stamps

If you’re unsure about how to optimise your office consumable spend and truly save costs, speak to us and we will offer you cheaper alternatives of equal quality.

We cater for the needs of any work environment in any industry.

Why are you sending internal resources to retail outlets to stand in long queues, when we can deliver all your kitchen, bathroom and office supplies to you on a 30-day account!

Our complete range includes the following:

  • Dry Goods
  • Grocery Products
  • Beverages
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Toiletries
  • Disposables
  • Packaging

We will keep you in the office doing what you do best letting us take care of your office refreshments and cleaning materials.

We offer our clients a total solution to almost any office or commercial related piece of office furniture. Our team at CAO, have extensive experience in corporate office space planning and commercial office fit-outs. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are happy with the end result, a working, functional and cost effective office fit-out solution.

Our complete range includes the following:

  • Cabinets, Cupboards and Book Cases
  • Credenzas and Pedastals
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Conference and Training
  • Boardroom and Reception

We provide all make and models geared for your environment and budget

Whether you need a new office fridge, dishwasher or kettle we will deliver it.

We make sure your staff have the right equipment to maximize their productivity and truly enjoy their down time.

Our complete range includes the following:

  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Cooking
  • Laundry and Dishwashing
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Food Preparation
  • Air Conditioning 

Managed IT Services

More Up Time Less Down Time

We provide a range of Managed IT Services to enable businesses to outsource their IT support. For SMEs, the business case for outsourcing infrastructure support is quite compelling because it has the potential to delivers lower costs, increased user satisfaction, a far greater breadth and depth of expertise, and a more reliable and effective infrastructure. No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses have the same IT requirements. That’s why CAO support plans are designed to be flexible enough to meet any support need. CAO offers the highest quality and best value outsourcing options for SMEs.

Our complete range includes the following:

Ensure you are Covered Across Every Aspect of Technology:

  • Total Care
  • Remote Care
  • Managed Spam
  • Managed Backup
  • Managed Cloud
  • Managed Security

To operate more efficiently and provide more value, companies are shifting their workloads to public cloud providers, who have massive bandwidth, solutions and strategically placed data centers.

Cloud computing brings endless opportunities for businesses to use a vast array of services, solutions, software and infrastructure. Our focus is on maximising these advantages for your business. Our team has skilled engineers than can help you bring your business into the age of cloud computing.

Infrastructure as a Service includes the following:

Cloud Server
Virtual Private Cloud
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Object Storage
Platform and Software as a Service includes the following:

Desktop as a Service
Email and Calendaring
Enterprise File Sync and Sharing


With the vast amount of providers available using many and varying routes for internet access. CAO is able to offer Internet connectivity services to match the increasing demand, be this for hosting facilities, for offices or branches, or, for a corporate VPN. CAO in many instances will also manage connectivity across various links, managing throughputs, contention, Quality of Service, failover and BGP.

Our connectivity types includes the following:

  • DSL
  • 4G
  • VOIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) takes analog audio signals from your phone and turns them into digital data, and transfers them over the Internet. VoIP works just like a regular phone, but instead of using the high priced telephone company’s wiring, VoIP routes your phone calls directly to your telephone using your internet connection. By switching your phone service over to a VOIP Solution, you will save up to 70% on your phone bill.

Compucart provides best-of-breed VoIP and Connectivity Solutions that provide unparalleled quality and performance, allowing your business to operate at maximum efficiency while driving the bottom line.

Security remains the biggest concern for companies of all sizes. At CAO we support our clients by providing security solutions that cover a wide range of areas. We work with a number of strategic vendors, each selected for their technology, commercial viability and commitment to the channel.

We protect your business enforcing the strictest prevention, detection, and response measures across all your hardware and software components in your IT Environment. This ensures network, internet (cloud and wireless access), end-point, email, and user security.

Prevention is always far better than cure. Trust us to arm your network.

  • Network Firewalls
  • Internet Security
  • Email Security
  • VPN Access
  • Managed and Stand Alone Antivirus – Webroot
  • Spam Protection

Our services include:

  • Identification of network vulnerabilities.
  • Deploying intrusion detection systems (ids) to monitor suspicious or malicious activity.
  • Securing each network entry and exit point with sound policies and end-point security software on all connected devices.
  • Managing access and data protection across public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

Without a good data backup and disaster recovery plan, unplanned downtime can cause major damage—especially to your bottom line.

Data is the most valuable resource that a company can own. Sadly, it is also often the least well-protected. Every year, thousands of SA businesses lose key data to preventable causes, with consequences ranging from security breaches to compromised operational continuity. In many cases, data loss can result in legal liability for the company that failed to protect its assets, especially around the ever increasing cyber threats

Why do these businesses lose valuable data, and end up suffering major financial consequences? Because they did not have a managed and monitored backup solution in place.

A managed backup solution is a data security process that involves storing data for recovery at a later date.

Our backup solutions include the following:

  • On Premise Backup Solutions
  • Business Cloud Back Up Services
  • Business File and Sharing Synchranisation

Specialised Solutions

CAO procurement outsourcing makes cents

With such a wide variety of products and the uncertainty of how much you really consume, the procurement of office and IT supplies can be a complex challenge. We have a wealth of experience in providing managed procurement services to the corporate and SME business environments. Using our knowledge and experience, we can help you overcome this challenge using our wide range of suppliers, locally and internationally. You can leave your product sourcing to us, we have the time, access to information and resources, to find the right product at the right price to meet your needs.

Choosing Compucart Anything Office will result in less processing, paperwork and record keeping, since you will only be receiving one monthly invoice, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We’re committed to saving you money by consolidating your purchasing, driving down your costs and strengthening our relationship in the long-term.

You can leverage off our industry knowledge and experience for your next office purchase, upgrade or expansion. CAO specializes in all IT, office supply and end to end business solutions. CAO has developed a procurement health check. We analyse your various cost centers within your business such as IT, Consumables, Printing, Refreshments, Cleaning, Packaging and Stationery. We report back on brands pricing and current equipment being used and rate your overall buying. We then offer you cheaper prices structures, alternate buying options and ensure that your every need is catered for with our consolidated buying mechanism.

For managed IT consulting, contact us today. CAO’s consultants are ideally positioned to assess your business needs and to integrate strategic change without upsetting the systems you already have in place. Our specialised consultants possess a passion for technology and real business skills coupled with strategic foresight. We provide tactical system analysis, strategy consulting, architecture, disaster recovery planning and testing, alignment to best practice, process engineering, software specification, testing and trustworthy general advice. Have peace of mind in knowing that CAO is your reliable team for IT managed services.

HAAS – Hardware as a Service

Outsource your IT Hardware to CAO on a monthly rental and enjoy the benefit of tier 1 hardware. The HAAS model gives companies the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade as they desire. This business model rents hardware off balance sheet at an OPEX cost to company. There is no need to own your IT problems anymore and care for your depreciating assets. Outsource your IT to the professionals

The benefits of the HAAS model:

  • Re-purposed Tier 1 hardware
  • Predictable per-user billing
  • Next business day repair or replace
  • Full asset management
  • Forward/reverse logistics
  • Upgrade/downgrade – whenever you like
  • Latest software
  • Compliant decommissioning services

ITAM – IT Asset management

ITAM is a process to ensure that your IT Assets – Hardware and Software are fully aligned with your company’s objectives. Typically, the process involves managing the procurement, deployment, usage and disposal of your IT Assets.

Within this broad framework, you then have details like network discovery, database customisation, managing help desk, configuring knowledgebase, security, reporting and many more.

The fundamental premise is to drive more value (in terms of utilisation and efficiency) from your IT Assets.

IT Asset Management is of paramount importance because;

  • Most businesses run on IT – so if you mismanage IT, typically it leads to some ugly business outcomes (we all are aware of hacks, security issues, computer errors causing huge embarrassment and losses)
  • Security and Usage Compliance – Not having total visibility of your IT Assets is a huge security and usage compliance risk. You expose your organisation to IT vendor audits and cyber threats.

ITAD – Information Technology Asset Disposal

Asset Disposition is an integral part of the life-cycle of your IT inventory. With technology changing so rapidly, many businesses find themselves continually racing to catch up with the latest generations of servers, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and storage devices, just to name a few. Obsolete technology poses a big question: how best to recycle or reuse these assets while safeguarding the data stored on them?

CAO offers the following:

  • Reverse Logistics – collecting of assets and sorting them into electronic waste or reusable assets. e-Waste is processed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Value Recovery – all salvageable equipment will be purchased by CAO. Re-usable assets are refurbished and resold under our ‘Certified Refurbished’ Programme to recover value.
  • Compliance – IT Asset Disposal should be compliant with relevant legislation.
  • POPI – (Protection of Personal Information Act) requires the complete erasure of personal data from storage devices
  • NEWMA – (National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008) requires the proper disposal of hazardous materials
  • Financial and Taxation legislations require the proper recording of asset disposal
  • Data Destruction – Most electronic devices have storage devices.

We offer a range of Data Destruction services including:

  • Compliant Data Erasure – data is erased using software that meets the requirements of the US Department of Defense international standards (US DoD 5220.22-M). Secure removal of data allows drives to be re-used, a more environmentally sustainable solution.
  • Physical Device Destruction – Storage devices which are damaged, faulty, or cannot be re-used in any way are destroyed and sent for recycling. Our destruction methods ensure data cannot be retrieved. We also offer an on-site service for higher security requirements.
  • Certification – A certificate of data destruction is issued for each serialised storage device, enabling risk mitigation and auditable compliance.

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